Soul Food Collection

As artists, we want our work to exist in both the digital and physical worlds. Soul Food is an exclusive NFT collection that helps us bridge this gap.

Owners of a Trip Good, Soul Food NFT will receive a royalty for each sale of a physical print of their NFT. As such, owners have ownership of the unique digital art, but they are also encouraged to help us bring the prints into the real world. 


As a small brand we want to reward our early adopters and believers by providing them a return on their investment. We also want to see our art out in the world, and this provides a win-win in terms of bridging the space between the digital and physical worlds.

How will it work?

  • Owners will receive 7% of the profit generated from the sale of each poster
  • The sales will happen in dollars but the payout will be in ETH or ERC20 tokens
  • The day the sale is processed we will take the average dollar price of ETH for the day and send the corresponding amount to the NFT owner in ETH or LRC.
  • With the current prices of ETH and LRC you may also be handsomely rewarded by holding on to your coins. Let’s grow together. And more importantly, let’s Trip Good!


We will send the royalties to the wallet that holds the NFT on the day that the physical sale occurs. However, ownership does not provide rights to the work, it simply provides a dividend on sales for the physical prints (though you own the rights to the digital artwork and the corresponding original print which we will hold). 

Owners of the unique digital artwork can sell or send their ownership of the NFT to another wallet at anytime. Trip Good will take a 7% commission on all NFT sales in perpetuity. 


Get on the Soul Food diet