The Trip Good Diamonds

Buy a Diamond and TripGood

Web3 Trippin'

The Diamond is your key to the TripGood Experience!

Buy an NFT and take a Trip into the digital frontier with us; unique adventures and exclusive perks await.

Space is currently limited to 140 members


How it works

  • There are 140 unique pieces of art in this collection
  • You will randomly receive one of the artworks from the collection upon purchase
  • The artwork acts as your membership token


  • Each piece is 100% original & human designed
  • Traits and information about each piece will be revealed upon purchase

The TripGood Diamonds

Diego Para Siempre

Trip Good NFT #061

Background: Cancha de Fútbol

Logo: Maradona

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The TripGood Diamonds

Tokyo Trippin'

Trip Good NFT #035

Background: Shrine in Kumamoto

Logo: Shinjuku Street Signs

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The TripGood Diamonds

Stay Tubed

Trip Good NFT #140

Background: Surfer Bailing on a Wave

Logo: Barreled Surfer Trippin’ Good

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How do I buy an NFT?

Buy an NFT using the widget above. You can connect a crypto wallet or purchase via credit card.

Regardless of how you buy an NFT, you will be able to access perks and discounts to our shop by connecting to the "NFT Holders Perks" Button

How much do the NFTs cost?

Each NFT is .077 Eth + gas fees. This equals Roughly $150* per NFT

*$ price varies based on the value of Eth and of "Gas" ie, network transaction fees

What can I expect as a Diamond holder?

Buying a Diamond NFT provides membership to our brand. Membership provides perks and discounts to our shop as well as airdrops of future collections, invites to future events & much more.

Note - Membership is based on NFT ownership. As long as you hold your NFT, you will receive all benefits of membership.

We have lots of new products and NFT collections on the way so stay tuned!

I bought an NFT, how do I receive my discount?

If you've purchased an NFT you can redeem perks and discounts by connecting to our site via the "NFT Holder perks" button. Once connected, you will automatically receive discounts to our store.

If you need help connecting, please contact us at

What is the official contract address?